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About Us

Where money and life intersect.

Because everyone needs financial guidance.

There really is no way to separate life and money, as money affects so many of our choices and decisions in everyday life and planning for the future, too.

So, at Iter Financial Wellness, we’re not just here to tell you how to invest. We’re here to help you make critical decisions about life. Are you ready to buy a house? Does it make sense financially to change jobs? How do you afford to care for aging parents? You know, where life and money intersect. Which is just about everywhere.

High tech. High touch.

Fintec — or financial technology — is an amazing tool transforming how we manage our money. So, we give our clients access to a  technology platform that’s comprehensive but also easy to use.

But we also know it’s important for you to be hands-on with your money. To talk to a dedicated partner about your financial life. Iter Financial Wellness is High tech and High touch. The way you want us to be. 

The complete package.

We believe that taking care of your money should be easy and convenient. It definitely shouldn’t feel like a job. From budgeting to retirement planning, we're here to help. 

More than just retirement. Financial wellness.

Seems like the majority of financial planning is focused on saving for retirement. But what about the rest of your life?

At Iter Financial Wellness, we are keenly focused on helping you achieve short-term and long-term financial goals along your financial journey. 

What matters to you.

We all care about making the world a better place. And we understand many people are quite passionate about causes and issues that have an impact on our world and our lives. At Iter Financial Wellness, we’ll help you find ways to support the causes you care about and take care of what matters most to you.

All about accountability.

Accountability is such a big deal when it comes to money. You can have the best plan in the world, but if no one holds you accountable to sticking with it, chances are pretty good you’re not going to succeed.

That’s where we come in. As your financial wellness coach, we’ll give you the support, encouragement and accountability you need to stick to your plan and help you achieve your goals.

We're powered by RFG Advisory.

RFG Advisory is an innovative turnkey platform engineered to support independent financial advisors. RFG handles all the behind the scenes work so we can spend time doing what we love – serving you, our clients.

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